Version: 1.5

GAMer (Geometry-preserving Adaptive MeshER) is mesh generation tool that produces high-quality simplex meshes of surfaces and volumes. It is built on top of two state-of-the-art mesh generators: Triangle (for 2D constrained Delaunay meshes in the plane) and Tetgen (for 3D constrained Delaunay meshes in space), combined with a collection of algorithms for generating, improving, refining, and decimating surface triangulations of imbedded interior or exterior domain surfaces. GAMer can be used as a small stand-alone adaptive mesh generator. While GAMer is itself a self-contained software package, it is one of several components of FETK (the Finite Element ToolKit).

Platforms: The entire FETK Suite of tools is highly portable (from iPhone to Blue Gene/L), thanks to use of a small abstraction layer (MALOC) and heavy use of the GNU Autoconf infrastructure.

Please acknowledge the use of NBCR software: "This project was supported by grants from the National Center for Research Resources (5P41RR008605-19) and the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (P41 GM103426) from the National Institutes of Health"

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