The members of NBCR are researchers with a variety of expertise committed to advancing fundamental and translational biomedical research at and across multiple spatial and temporal scales of biological systems. This page provides an alphabetical list of our researchers with links to more about the individuals. In addition we receive advice from our Resource Advisory Committee, who are leaders in the field and provide us with strategic advice for the resource.


Director and PI Project Manager Executive Director, CRBS  
Rommie Amaro Pek Ieong Steven Peltier   


Ilkay Altintas Michael Holst Andrew McCulloch Philip Papadopoulos
Mark Ellisman J. Andrew McCammon Art Olson, TSRI Michel Sanner, TSRI


Ludovic Autin, TSRI Sophia Hirakis Lee Lindblom Teri Simas
Christopher Churas Gary Huber Kimberly McCabe Chris Villongco
Daniel Crawl Benjamin Jagger Tavina Offutt Kevin Vincent
Sukriti Dewan Tsvi Katchalski Emília Pécora de Barros Nadya Williams
Stefano Forli, TSRI Sarah E Kochanek Sebastien Phan Willy Wong
Sreya Ghosh Robert Konecny Shweta Purawat  
Francesca Grogan Albert "Rick" Lawrence Christian Seitz  
Matthias Haberl Christopher Lee Nazaré Simas  


Resource Advisory Committee
Colleen Clancy, UC Davis Zan Luthey-Schulten, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ewa Deelman, USC Alexey Onufriev, Virginia Tech
Jack Johnson, The Scripps Research Institute Jessica Zhang, CMU


NBCR Alumni
Peter Arzberger (NSF - Senior Advisor) Adarsh Krishnamurthy (Iowa State University - Assistant Professor)
Nathan Baker (PNNL - Director, Advanced Computing, Mathematics & Data Division) David Lee (MITRE - Data Analytics Lead)
Britton Boras (Pfizer - Senior Scientist) Wilfred Li (Illumina - Senior Bioinformatics Engineer)
Denis Bucher (Galapagos - Molecular Modeling and Design Scientist) Abel Lin (Nihon Kohden - Senior Project Manager)
Jeffrey Bush (Ursinus College - Visiting Instructor) Steffen Lindert (Ohio State University - Assistant Professor)
Yuanhua Cheng (University of Washington - Postdoctoral Fellow) Robert Malmstrom (Schrodinger - Senior Scientist)
Luca Clementi (Twitter - Software Engineer)  Yinglong Miao (University of Kansas - Assistant Professor)
Sargis Dallakyan (NanoImaging  Service - Principal System Administrator) John Moody (ViaSat - Data Scientist)
Jacob Durrant (University of Pittsburgh - Assistant Professor) Anushka Michailova (University of California, San Diego)
Stefano Forli (TSRI - Assistant Professor) Michaela Nunn (University of California, San Diego - Executive Assistant) 
Brian Fox (Transcend Insights - Senior Java Developer) Cesar Oliveira (Schrodinger - Principal Scientist)
Andrew Gillette (University of Arizona - Assistant Professor) Alex Perez (MITRE - Senior Scientist) 
Graham Johnson (Allen Institute for Cell Science - Director: Animated Cell) Jeff Van Dorn
Johan Hake (Simula Research Laboratory - Postdoctoral Fellow) Jianwu Wang (University of Maryland - Assistant Professor)
Peter Kekenes-Huskey (University of Kentucky - Assistant Professor) Yi Wang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Assistant Professor)
Roy Kerckhoffs (Roy Kerckhoffs Art - Owner) Zeyun Yu (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee - Associate Professor)